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Are you a doctor?If you are a doctor who would like to offer telemedicine services, here is what is involved:
You create a login on the Global Offsite Care site and indicate your interest, your specialty and availability.

The doctors on our International panel are screened by Dr. Gude, Medical Director of the Heberden Foundation. We generally ask at least two remote consults a month. You will be contacted by Dr. Gude’s team to complete the screening once we get your contact information below.

If you are a doctor who practices in an undeserved area and would like to have ongoing education opportunities and to have remote consults available, create a login below and provide contact information. We are currently focused on working with hospitals, and hope to expand to clinics later. For now the priority is to work with doctors serving the sickest patients either in Intensive Care Units (ICU) or Critical Care Ward.

If you own a hospital where you would like to have a telemedicine project, please create a login so we can contact you and go to the hospital page to tell us a little bit about your hospital.

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