Are you a Hospital Director or Staff Member?

areyouahospitalIf you own or operate a hospital that serves the underserved and would like to have a telemedicine project, please answer the following questions so we can contact you.

When you provide the information below, you can expect a response within a week, usually the next day. We will have some more questions based on what you tell us below. We will seek to connect with a nearby Rotary club that will work with Global Offsite Care.

Once the hospital is vetted, you will have access to telemedicine services by the international panel set up by Dr. Gude, Medical Director of the Heberden Telemedicine Foundation. We expect the hospital to screen the available specialists on the panel and approve all those it would like to authorize to provide remote consults. The hospital will also be able to participate in continuing doctor education through weekly grand rounds.

We will seek to establish a Wi-Fi network and provide tablets to enable easy access to remote consults and to enable the hospital to use electronic health records with software donated by the Heberden Telemedicine Foundation.

If interested in finding out more, please complete the following:

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    Do you have a lead Doctor who is interested in a telemedicine project?


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    Does the hospital have a connection to a Rotary club in the community?




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