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Are you a Rotarian?If you would like your Rotary club or Rotaract club to have a telemedicine project, create a login below so we can get in touch.

Rotarians or Rotaractors who want a telemedicine project in their community can partner with Global Offsite Care by agreeing to work with a local hospital, steward the project funds, and report on the project status at least once a year.

Rotarians or Rotaractors who are working with a hospital in another country and want to add telemedicine can work with Global Offsite Care as International partners. We can work on a club to club basis or seek to structure a bigger project suitable for Global Grant.

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    Does your club have a relationship with a hospital where you think they might want a telemedicine project?


    If so, what is the name of the hospital?

    Additional comments:

    For telemedicine to work, the hospital will need:

    An Internet connection
    Electricity (Generator or solar array may need to be part of the project)
    An ICU or critical care ward
    A doctor who wants to work with us and who speaks English
    A Rotary Club that wants to help the hospital and sees telemedicine as a good project