November 19, 2018

Global Grand Rounds

Dr. James K. Gude

Dr. James K. Gude

Grand rounds are organized by Dr. James K. Gude, Medical Director of Global OffSite Care and are provided gratis. Dr. Gude is a graduate of Yale Medical School, He did an internship and a fellowship at Stanford University and is now a Clinical Professor of Medicine at UC San Francisco.. He has over 25 years experience teaching doctors in Sonoma County California as leader of the residency program here and now teaches doctors through distance learning in over ten countries worldwide. Here are some of the Grand Rounds Topics.

Global grand rounds screen

Accredited Continuing Medical Education (CME) units are offered for Grand Rounds sessions on the first Wednesday of the month. However, to continue this service, we are requesting donations in order to provide accredited CME units for every weekly session. It costs $150 per session. Grand Rounds are not only beneficial for doctors to learn and develop from, but they also give the opportunity for other health care professionals s to expand their knowledge in telemedicine.

Our grand rounds are unique in having international participation as well as providing updates on best practice for a variety of conditions. This picture shows how doctors from different parts of the world provide the opportunity for others to participate and learn how to better treat patients.. The Global Telemedicine CME program is scalable because the fees are by the session and not by participant.

Click here to download the Accredited CME Evaluation Form.

Please support the CME program.

$150 will sponsor accreditation for one grand rounds CME session

$750 will sponsor one month of grand rounds – four sessions on Wednesday mornings and one Asia grand rounds on the third Thursday evening of the month

$1800 will underwrite Asia grand rounds for a year

$2,500 will pay the annual fee for Global OffSite Care to be a CME provider with up to five presenters.

$7,500 will pay to accredit all Wednesday grand rounds sessions – a key goal

$11,800 will underwrite accredited CME units for all grand rounds sessions for a year.

Please give generously.

The Global Telemedicine program is run by Global OffSite Care, a US-based 501c3 nonprofit corporation. Tax ID 46-2973737.

Send checks to Global OffSite Care, 6800 Palm Ave, Suite K, Sebastopol, CA 95472 or donate online.