Past Events

  • January 6 – Hypertension in Pregnancy
    Dr. Emmanuel Ndikuryayo, Shyira Hospital
  • January 20 – Place of Contact Tracing in Infectious Disease Containment
    Case Study of COVID-19 Control Efforts in Bayelsa State of Nigeria (May – August 2020)
    Dr. Obioma Obikeze FMC Yenagoa
  • January 27
    A Survey on Osteoarthritis in the City of Kolwezi
    Dr. Peniel Kasongo, Mama Tabitha Hospital

February 3 Opiate Management Dr. Muhammad Gill Sonoma Specialty Hospital
February 10 Personal Experience of Treating a Family Member with COVID at Home Dr. Binayak Dhungel Yes
February 17 Opioid Dependence: A Therapeutic Model On The Road To Happiness Dr. Mark Berenson Family Medicine – House Calls
February 24 Ethical Dilemmas of COVID-19 – Two Case Discussions Dr. James Gude and Dr. Andrew Wagner
March 3 Ogilvie’s Syndrome Dr. Muhammad Gill and Rashonda Hall Sonoma Specialty Hospital
March 10 Telemedicine in Countries with Low Medical Infrastructure Dr. Joey Prosper Telemedicine Center of Haiti
March 17 Using Ancient Wisdom in Modern Medicine Dr. David Murphy, PhD Clinical Psychology
March 24 Parkinson’s Disease Part 1 Dr. Allan Bernstein Neurologist
March 31 Mandibular Fibrous Dysplasia: A Rare Presentation Dr. Aimuamwosa Obarisiagbon FMC Yenagoa
April 7 Acute Brain Failure superimposed on Chronic Brain Failure due to Alzheimers Dementia Dr. John Dugaw Geriatrician
April 14 Cancer and COVID-19 Dr. James Gude GOSC Medical Director
April 21 Critical Illness Myopathy and COVID-19 Dr. Gill and Rehab Department Sonoma Specialty Hospital
April 28 Parkinson’s Disease Part 2 Dr. Allan Bernstein Neurologist
May 5 The COVID-19 pandemic: where Rheumatologists fit in Dr. Vaneet Sandhu Rheumatology
May 12 Clostridium Difficele Dr. Gude GOSC Medical Director
May 19 Persistent Hiccups (Singultus) as an unusual presentation of Lateral Medullary Syndrome ( Wallenberg syndrome) Dr. Osaigbovo Godwin Medical Director, Jos, Nigeria
May 26 TBD Dr. Strasswimmer “Affiliate Clinical Professor (Dermatology)
Research Professor (Biochemistry & Chemistry)
Florida Atlantic University”
June 2 Vitamin D in Health and Disease Dr. John Dugaw Geriatrician
June 9 Bilateral upper limbs neuropathy secondary to physical restraint at the wrists Ogechukwu Ojeniweh Mr. Francis Iyadi FMC Yenagoa
June 16 Case Study: Miliatry Tuberculosis Dr. Muhammad Gill Sonoma Specialty Hospital
June 23 Case Study: HIV Associated Dementia Dr. Charles Achoru Jos
July 7 – Holiday – No GGR –
July 14 fibroids (no official title yet) Dr. Emmanuel Ndikuryayo Shyira Hospital
July 21 Tele-Nephrology; Aki, hospitalizations, sepsis, therapies Dr. Rajeev Prasad Nephrologist
July 28 Burns Dr. Anele Agu FMC Yenagoa
August 4 Case Study: Military Tuberculosis Dr. Muhammad Gill Sonoma Speciality Hospital
August 11 Palliative care: a new specialty Dr. Pradeep Vaidya Institute of Medicine
August 18 Dr. Emmanuel Katsaros Western
August 25 Childhood Acute Lymphcyticleukemia Dr. Hakorimana
September 1 – Holiday – Labor Day – No GGR –
September 8 What’s new in connective heart failure – 2 Case Presentations and 2 Therapies Dr. Gude
September 15 Y Osteopathic Medicine ray hruby Western University of Health Sciences
September 22 – – Skip – Africa Telemedicine Seminar – No GGR –
September 29 ? “Lumbar Radiculitis & Radiculopathy. Dr Dan Miulli WU

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