July 23, 2019


Projects in Queue for Launch

The following are projects that have been proposed by a Rotary club working with a hospital in the area. We have received an application and a the club has committed resources to the project. We are seeking funding partners. If your Rotary club or you as an individual want to help make the project happen, please contact Global OffSite Care. These are multi-club projects and can be a wonderful addition to a Rotary club’s portfolio of international service projects.

Jos Nigeria – The population is 900,000 (2006 census). The hospital is Jos University Teaching Hospital with 520 beds. We have already sent some equipment with someone who visited us from Nigeria and is taking the equipment provided. But we need to fund the rest of the gear. We need $3500 to complete the funding

Five Hospitals in Nepal: Institute of Medicine, Model, Nepal National Hospital, Shahid Gangalal, Karnali Academy will be launched Nov 4 to 8, 2019 as a result of a Nepal Telemedicine Vocational Training Team grant from the Rotary Foundation with support from nine contributing Rotary clubs

Zamboanga City, Philippines – The population of Zamboanga is 861,000 (2015 census). The hospital is Zamboanga City Medical Center with 800 beds. It is a regional hospital and can extend telemedicine with its own panel of experts

Nahan India – Population of this town that was founded in 1621 is now 28,853 (2011 census). Launch scheduled for Oct 30, 2019!

Panchkula, India – The population is 211,355. The hospital is Paras Hospitals Panchkula which is multidisciplinary and has 232 beds including 80 ICU beds. Launch scheduled for Oct 29, 2019!

Three new potential projects in Uganda: St. Mary’s Hospital Lacor in Gulu, Kumi Hospital in Kumi, and Tororo General Hospital in Tororo

Starter Kit Item

Cost (USD)

   For Grand Rounds  
Webcam for grand rounds 85.00
Laptop 750.00
Screen for grand rounds 845.00
Shure MX393/O mic w/ cable and adapter 350.00
“Cell modem” or mobile hotspot 150.00
Contingency 400.00
   For Teleconsults  
Android tablet with cell 390.00
Kubi with mic and speaker 850.00
Zoom Pro account – 1 yr 180.00
Total: 4000.00