Sebastopol, USA

      Headquarters for Global Offsite Care lead by Mikel Cook and Dr. James K. Gude
Mikel Cook
Dr. James K. Gude

Mikel Cook has been a computer professional for over 30 years. He specializes in system administration for small business firms and helps keep them connected to the Internet.

In the year 2000, he joined the Sebastopol Sunrise club. In 2012, he was international service chair and was asked to launch a club telemedicine program working with Dr. James K. Gude. The combination of health care and the Internet is well suited to his background.

Dr. Gude is a telemedicine pioneer based in Sebastopol,
CA. He is on the faculty at the University of California San Francisco and has formed a service that provides telemedicine for several hospitals in California and several projects around the world.

Having over nine years of experience implementing telemedicine as a doctor, Dr. Gude is a key partner at Global Offsite Care due to his expertise in medicine as an intensivist who works with the sickest patients.

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