Shirati, Tanzania

Kubi demonstration after equipment set-up. 
Live Kubi Demonstration in Shirati ICU: Dr. Chris, Paul Abdallah, Princess Dr. Kemelagha, Ghoncheh Angha, Dr. Bwire Chirangi
Signing of Memorandum of Understanding: (Seated) Dr. Bwire Chirangi, Amillen Saria, Princess Dr. Kemelagha. (Standing) Dr. Biko Steve and Ghoncheh Angha

Overview: The telemedicine center was established in association with the Rotary Club of Musoma in collaboration with Shirati KMT hospital, with support from Global Offsite Care, and was commissioned by Princess Dr. F. A. Kemelagha (Telemedicine ambassador for Global offsite Care, USA)

Region: East Africa

Project Launch Date: September 3, 2022

Status: Active/Participating

Budget: The total cost for the starter kit was $10,990.

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