Ways to Get Involved

A key aspect of how we work is to engage with partners who live near the hospitals and clinics where we have a telemedicine project. We work with local Rotary clubs because Rotarians are well known members of their communities, share the value of service and the priority of prevention and cure of disease. Rotary clubs are good stewards of resources. Dr. Gude is a key partner because he has expertise in medicine as an intensivist who works with the sickest patients and he has over seven years’ experience implementing telemedicine as a doctor.

We seek partners with an established relationship with hospitals that serve the underserved. And we seek partners with expertise in telemedicine.

Take the Next Step and Send Us the Questionnaire

A great way to determine a fit for your community and health center(s) is to fill out the Telemedicine Program Questionnaire online or click here to download it.

Please fill out the online form or download, print out, scan, and return via email this questionnaire to provide us with the understanding of your potential programs, how it can interact with the global program, and in turn what equipment or assistance Rotary can bring forth to assist in the project.

The video below provides a summary overview of the Telemedicine program and how to get involved.

For more information please contact us.

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